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All contents © 2011
by Lori Ann Curley

My portfolio is extensive and available for your inspection. Click on the link to view.
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"De-Junk Your Home;  De-Junk Your Life"
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          Queequeg's Coffin by Professor Birgit Brander Rasmussen published by Duke University Press (2011)
The Many Meanings of Poverty by Professor Cynthia Milton, published by Stanford University Press (2007)
Violence Over the Land by Professor Ned Blackhawk published by Harvard University Press (2006)
Ptolus:  Monte Cook's City by the Spire published by Malhavoc Press (2006)
Kobolds Ate My Baby Super Deluxx Edition published by 9th Level Games (2006)
Monte Cook Presents: Iron Heroes published by Malhavoc Press (2005)
Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved published by Malhavoc Press (2004)
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I'm adding more pieces to my portfolio, so check back for additions!